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Ensuring people are defence’s most important asset through representation

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When the Service Complaints Ombudsman (SCO) says 90% of those who should complain, don’t, and 70% of those whose complaints get to her office should have been resolved before hand. 100% of those in the complaints system suffer mentally. The SCO describes a broken system.

We do not have the ability to deal with individual grievances, but we listen to generate a collective understanding. There is more power in a story with substance and mass; so many experiences are shared. We provide a collective voice.

We are not endorsed by the MoD, we strive to do most of our work behind closed doors, talking influencing, developing and changing attitudes where necessary. We are a flag up a flag pole, but we have influence.

We are here to help defence as much as the people in Defence and those who have served. We strive to bring focus where there is myopic thinking and clarity where there is clouded thinking.

We aim to serve, to serve those in defence who are unrepresented by any independent body.


We are not part of the MoD nor linked to any Chain of Command. We are experienced, representative, knowledgeable, driven and connected. We provide a safe space for all personnel from defence, both serving and veterans.


As a listening team we understand. We know where things go right, we know where things go wrong, we know what should happen and we know what does happen. We strive to ensure the should and stop the shouldn’t.


Our primary role is to be your voice. We can say the things you can’t, we can contact the people who need to know and should act. We want to make People as the most important asset at the heart of defence

Independent Defence

Yes, we have no formal remit from any government organisation nor are we funded by the MoD or any related organisation.


Our focus in Defence people, serving and veterans. We want to enhance frontline capability and veterans support through independent representation.


We are not appointed by any formal body so don’t have authority by position.  

We have authority of knowledge through over 100 years of collective knowledge in defence with command experience. We have authority of personality in that we have individuals wiling to stand up for what we believe is right.

However, our underpinning authority is the same moral authority Nelson Mandela invoked having shared the dangers and hardships of others, we too have seen at first hand the injustices that exist across defence.

What We Do

What we do is very simple. We listen, we advise, we represent we lobby. We talk to people you can’t, we highlight causes, issues, injustices, concerns. We aim to make defence work for its people thereby its people work better for defence.

Our Story

A group of like minded individuals from different areas of defence, with different backgrounds but one common story. We have been let down.  We recognise that the cry “People are our most important asset,” is just that a cry. We recognise that the chain of command is about one thing when issues arise, that is protecting the chain of command and not the individual. 

No other element of our society goes unrepresented. We are that independent representation for defence people.

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